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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  August 16, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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>> in just about seven hours, a good opportunity to see something cool? venus and jupiter together, next to each other. this will be about 45 minutes before sunrise, 6:24 a.m.
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the skies are generally clear, so should not be a problem to see them. >> and the weather cooperates tomorrow? >> if we have some clouds it may be harder to see.
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captioned by the national captioning institute an attorney for the family of michael brown says that famed pathologist michael will conduct a second autopsy on the teenagers body. the growing unrest prompted the governor of missouri to issue a state of emergency and announce a curfew. marcy gonzalez has the latest. >> roads blocked off, the curfew
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going into effect tonight. ofthis is not the silence the people of ferguson or this region were others but to contain those who are drowning out the voice of the people with directions. >> a state of emergency after last night's clashes with police and the looting that followed. some accuse the state police of not doing enough to keep the peace. >> we did not ask for them to stop doing their jobs. we asked for them to do it better. enforce it with trucks or teargas. we will communicate. >> it is a different kind of communication, protesters gathering by the hundreds to demand answers to why officer darren wilson killed michael brown last saturday. they say he did not know the unarmed 18-year-old was a suspect in the convenience store robbery when he shot him. tonight, the fbi is interviewing witnesses, many demonstrating
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and taking their frustrations straight to the governor. the answers just are not coming quickly enough. another big rally is scheduled tomorrow. behael brown's parents will there, again asking for peace and insisting officer wilson who was in hiding tonight be charged. marcy gonzalez, abc news, ferguson, missouri. >> prince george's county police need your help finding a man wanted in the shooting death of a three-year-old girl in landover. vesta gator say that davon wallace fired five shots into the home where the girl was staying last sunday, killing her. wallace has not been caught. the police arrested brian campbell and charged him with first-degree murder. campbell is accused of giving wallace a gun before the murder and driving him from the neighborhood after the shooting. abc 7 has learned that cameras designed to help catch criminals and the term crime and prince
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george's county are not working in some have not produced usable pictures in years. the problem came to light after the murder of bibbs. this is one of 21 surveillance cameras purchased seven years ago. richard reeve shows us what the abc 7 watchdogs found. tears.ffed animals and here >> it's very sad. a two-year-old? woundedbibb was fatally sunday -- >> she was so outgoing. >> across the street was a police surveillance camera. >> i thought they would help protect the neighborhood. >> but the police say this camera and 20 others across prince george's are essentially nonfunctioning and officers have not collected any useful images from them in two years. >> we have not maintained those cameras, mostly because of fiscal reasons.
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>> they were part of a program in 2007 funded by a federal grant. and leadersn out decided maintaining the cameras was not worth the money. working, pgre not county has some work to do. >> they will just take their chances. >> in this latest case, the presence of the camera was a nonissue. what is accounts and information led them to quickly name a suspect. tryinghe moment, we are to be fiscally responsible and figure out how to spend our money in the best way to prevent crime. >> richard reeve, abc 7 news. tothe pentagon has a new way identify people attempting to access military facilities. it compares the department of defense identification with the fbi database of arrests and warrants. it can also tell if the identification has been lost, stolen, or is no longer valid. it went online about a week ago,
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nearly a year after the deadly shooting at the navy yard. gunmen used his military contractor id to enter the facility and shoot and kill a dozen people. same-sex couples in virginia could be five days away from legally marrying in the commonwealth. a federal appeals court denied a request to delay the ruling, which struck down virginia's same-sex marriage ban and now supporters of the ban will ask the u.s. supreme court to stay the ruling. unless the nation's highest court intervenes, virginia could be issuing marriage license to gay couples on august 21. coming up, a local playground turns into a crime scene. and it has been nearly a month since the decriminalization of marijuana in the district. the bell forefront of your weather center, a beautiful
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saturday. the forecast coming up. >> summary county investigators
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are trying to figure out of somebody set fire to a germantown playground -- in montgomery county -- on purpose. a fire caused about $100,000 in damage. nobody was injured. if you have information, you are urged to call the police in
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montgomery county. it has been nearly a month since the decriminalization of marijuana in the district. no tickets were issued to people caught with small amounts of the drug. as sam ford reports, some people caught with marijuana are still ending up behind bars. >> do you know anybody who got a ticket? >> no, sir. >> finding somebody who has been ticketed -- >> i don't know anybody who got a ticket. >> on july 17 when the law took effect three last wednesday, august 6, the police issued 35 of the $25 tickets for possession and made arrests for possession of more than in announce. tickets, nobody has paid. at least that is what the d.c. office of administrative hearings reports. >> we have gotten none so far. not one. >> surprised?
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>> a little bit. thehey have complained to pass the law is not enforceable because the police are not allowed to ask the person being ticketed for identification must accept whatever they say. who authored the bill was not available today. muriel bowser says that aspect needs to be changed. >> the ticket has to be enforceable. any law that is not enforceable as a concern. people who have not paid are waiting to see if the new law to legalize marijuana in d.c. passes. not stopped one man who did not want to be identified said police have no interest in the law. there are no tickets being written? >> not one person has gotten a ticket. >> in southeast washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> gambling revenue is rising in
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maryland despite a drop in lottery spending. recent figures say that maryland million ine to $850 gambling revenue in the past year, a two point 4% increase. lottery ticket sales dropped about 1%. the lottery director said that his probable because more money is being spent at casinos. straight ahead, an unpleasant surprise for some drivers returning to their parked cars at the ew why. -- at bwi. and can we expect >> the heavy rain this week
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caused a lot of problems for drivers. some got stuck in heavy water and some vehicles were flooded at the long-term parking lots at bwi-marshall. read bill shows the damage. >> -- brad bell shows the damage. >> arena has given out of town welcomers a horrible back surprise come up to six inches of rain, more than the drains can handle. >> it's never been this way before. >> that is what a lot of people are saying. rel has been especially hard hit. a motorist drives into what she thought was shallow water on county road.
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the fire department helped her to dry land. >> it's pretty serious, although we up to my knees. -- all the way up to my knees. flooded marcen train arcing lot, the city called n/a toe truck to move cars to bash the city called n/a a tow truck to move cars to higher ground. >> i have not seen this in a long time. we are ready for sunshine. >> brad bell, abc 7 news. detroit, two people were killed and flooding. streets and interstates became rivers after five inches fell monday. it was the wettest day for the city and 80 years. hundreds of drivers were trapped. >> about six cars were trapped on the way home. i'm sure there will be more.
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>> items were floating in the restaurant. it was terrifying. i panicked when we had to sit on the table in put our feet on the chairs. >> pumping stations failed to drain water from underpasses because copper pipes were missing, stolen by thieves in detroit. gm and chrysler slowed production because many employees cannot get to work. we also had the mess in long island where some parts got up to 10 inches of rain in five hours. it was a wild week for the weather. >> and in phoenix as well. hopefully we are not going to see images like that anymore. >> we have rain in the seven-day? >> we do, and tuesday is the heavy day for downpours. the specific reminder is if we encounter a situation like this again, drive safely. it is so easy to get caught off guard. you don't know how deep the water is, the road could be
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compromised underneath. all those things. turn around, do not drown. no worries about rain today, 73 at reagan national, the dew point 58. when it's in the 50's, it is drive. this is the temperature where the air would have to cool to in order to deal with the high humidity. no worries tomorrow. the wind out of the south southwest at five. that is generally light. that will stay that way overnight. --drop to 63 ginsburg, sit 63 ginsburg, 70 degrees in annapolis, 73 easton. the high today 85, the low 65. martinsburg, west virginia had a record low this morning a 48 degrees. every chilly overnight conditions that will go away.
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we will get more humidity coming in, along with more cloud cover. the satellite radar, clear as a bell all day long over the mid-atlantic. some of these clouds are creeping in from the west. the low pressure across the midsection, plus the cold front to the north will combine to keep a more active weather pattern the next couple days. most of our sunday will be fine. clouds roll in overnight. there will be a few pop up showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon, mainly after 2:00. they will be scattered, so not everybody will get in on the action. monday, another chance of wet weather late in the day. tuesday could be the one to really look at. tonight, clouds roll in, the temperatures into the 60's, upper 60's i think in d.c. tomorrow, partly sunny across the region. the seven-day forecast, the wet
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weather continuing on and off. that will be until the middle part of next week. i'm hoping we don't have to stretch that out later, a right now it looks like things dry up in time for the weekend. overnight, don't change your plans, most of us stay dry, 30% chance. >> not bad. we will take those odds. coming up, a mixture of old and new at the box office. >> this weekend, meryl streep
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and jeff bridges team up for a futuristic movie, what did it impress arch campbell? " does a little re-gifting in this until your story of a bloodless future. >> who are you? >> the giver. jeff bridges plays the giver, a wise old guy and the only guy who keeps the memory of the past in order to would vies for the future. apprentice,gns an and they conspire to shake things up. >> it has become dangerous. -- merylcrepe is the seeing creepyall hologram, not
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unfamiliar, but worth a couple stars. and companyallone bureau for "the expendables 3," geezer action, and more expendable than ever. the weekend movie guide -- have a nice weekend, everybody. i'm arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> wesley snipes leaves jail and
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that is what he stars in? the singer announced on social husband isher battling cancer. celine dion also has an inflammation in her throat. the family is asking for privacy at this time. a district man is raising money to have singer kenny logins perform in his living room surpassed his goal on kickstarter. he raised more than $30,000 on the site in hopes of getting kenny loggins to perform in his home. a representative for the star said if he reached his goal that kenny would be more than happy to sing for him. >> he transcends music, he has the voice of an angel, and he would be perfect in my living room. >> loggins is best known for popular 1980 songs. one of the 50 seats in the
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one bedroom condo for $300. sanchez says anything over his $30,000 goal will go to charity.
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